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Frenchic Original Artisan Range - Sample Spoon Set

Frenchic Original Artisan Range - Sample Spoon Set

Hand Made To Order - Frenchic Original Artisan Chalk Paint Colour Sample Spoon Set
Presenting the current 16 gorgeous colours in the Frenchic Original Artisan Range, sealed with Frenchic Clear Wax and lightly buffed - each cute sample spoon is individually hand-painted, waxed, drilled, presented and labelled in their Range - ideal to support colour and product selection.

Due to current high demand, we aim to produce and despatch orders within approx 3 weeks or sooner where possible.

*These sample spoon sets are hand-produced and painted by us as true representative examples of Frenchic Paints used under our delegated rights as Official Frenchic Stockists. All overarching IP rights to the Frenchic Brand and Official Products are reserved by Frenchic Furniture Paint®

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