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BrassBee Drawer Cabinet/Drawer Knob - Nickel Finish

BrassBee Drawer Cabinet/Drawer Knob - Nickel Finish

Bee Drawer Knob - Nickel Finish
Complete with Fixing Screws

 *Sold Individually as 1 Drawer Knob*


The beautiful solid brass bee drawer knob is perfect if you’re looking to add a bit of quirkiness to your furniture and make it your own.


The bees unique and beautiful shape designed and copyrighted by us at Brass bee features a beautiful finish making it look like the real thing.


Approximate Dimensions:

Width – 6.3cm 
Height – 4.5cm 

Depth – 2.7cm
Snap off screw length – 45mm
Fixing Information:
The snap off screws are inserted from the inside of the drawer/cupboard and screwed directly into the back of the bee. Snap off screws are provided so most depths of furniture can easily have our drawer knobs installed to make the perfect fit. 

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