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Frenshimmer! -  Champagne Rosie

Frenshimmer! - Champagne Rosie

Pots of fabulous, smooth and shimmering lustre! Fun and easy-to-use metallic paint for embellishing your projects with gleaming sheen. Highlight detail, carvings, mouldings and texture. Mask off areas in your chosen pattern or glam-up using stencils. Transform handles and other ironmongery. Combine with Finishing Coat or TTC to make a glaze for shimmering or pearly top coats!

Product info:

• Water-based

• Suitable for interior and exterior use

• Suitable for wooden furniture, and other hard surfaces - laminate, glass, hard plastic, ceramics, concrete metal, glass and fixed leather

• Minimal VOC content

• UKCA and EN71-3 certified (safe for use on children’s toys) EN71-3:2013+A3:2019

• Finish – lustrous, shimmering metallic


• 100ml will provide a single coat of up to 1m2. Additional coats may be required for a heavier effect


• Ensure surfaces are in suitable condition for painting - clean, dry, free from grease or penetrating substances and in sound condition. If previously painted, remove loose or flaking paint

• Surface preparation required in addition to the above – clean with Sugar Soap (link), rinse and dry thoroughly

Application and drying

• Stir before each use

• Apply with a good quality brush (link)

• Allow a minimum of 1 hour between coats

• Provide adequate ventilation when using. Wear suitable hand and face protection

Clean up and storage

• Reseal pot after use. Clean up any spills immediately with water. Wash brushes in warm, soapy water

• Do not store where the container could be subjected to damp, frost, freezing or high temperatures

• Dispose of contents in accordance with local and national legislation

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