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'Royal Garden' A1 Decoupage Tissue Paper | Redesign With Prima |  23.4" X 33.1"

'Royal Garden' A1 Decoupage Tissue Paper | Redesign With Prima | 23.4" X 33.1"

Redesign's Decoupage Décor Tissue Paper in this extra large A1 size are a fabulous way of creating unique furniture and art pieces in your home.

Made to be a decorative specialty sheet, these beautiful sheets feature a machine made fibrous texture for a delicate and unique look.

The thicker width allows for easier usage, placement and durability, while being tear resistant unlike thinner tissue materials. This allows for a brighter and more vibrant look and finish. Great for furniture and collage décor.

What makes Prima's tissue papers unique?
- Made of renewable, fibrous Mulberry paper creating a perfect balance between Prima's thinner rice papers and thicker decoupage papers.
- Easy application, even for beginners - minimises wrinkles, bubbles and tearing and comes in one single sheet, meaning no breaks in the image to line up - just one seamless picture!
- Moulds around curves and ornate surfaces with ease, perfect for intricate areas.

Size: 59.5cm x 84cm (23.4" x 33.1")

How To Apply:
- Measure and cut your Decor Tissue Paper to the correct size.

- Apply a sealing medium such as Art Basics Soft Matte Gel / Soft Gloss Gel or Dixie Belle ‘Clear Coat’ Sealer in your choice of finish, to the surface of your project. Lay your tissue paper in position and flatten out from the centre, talking care to eliminate air bubbles to ensure a good adhesion. Apply a further coat over the top.

- Once dry, apply another coat of sealer. The tissue is fibrous and the sealer will permeate the fibres so that, when dry, your tissue paper will be well-adhered to the surface of your project.

Colour Accuracy Disclaimer
Whilst we’ve taken every effort to craft the colours you see on screen to accurately reflect the colours of this item, due to differences in screen settings, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

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